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The Vertom Group offers a complete package of maritime services

01 May 2020

Chartering, scheduled services, technical management, agencies, maritime cleaning, cable recovery: the Vertom Group offers the full range of maritime services. This has made us one of the Netherlands’ largest shipping companies to operate in the European coastal shipping industry.

Our maritime professionals are fully engaged with our customers, always working to find the most affordable, efficient and sustainable solution, without losing sight of our other stakeholders. That is why so many leading shipowners, charters, major industrial partners and multinationals enjoy working with us and rely on us every day. CEO Arjan de Jong: “The Vertom Group is a leading maritime service provider, which is why we have sought to specialise in as wide a field as possible.”

From charter office to total maritime services provider

The Vertom Group has a long history of serving the industry. In 1974, this family-owned business opened a charter office in the centre of Rotterdam. The business grew and dipped its toe into new waters, prompting a relocation. As a result, Vertom Group has been headquartered in Rhoon from 2003. In the early years, our clientele consisted mainly of captains with about 3 to 4 ships. Over time, they became shipowners, and we grew with them.

We acquired more of our own ships, more cargo contracts, port offices in other European countries and a scheduled service in the Caribbean. We now have our own extensive fleet numbering more than 80 ships, and we even carry out the technical management for 45 of them. On these ships, we are responsible for all logistical and operational processes alike. Our network has expanded far beyond national borders, and today, we have business units in Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Spain and the United Kingdom.


“One-stop shop for all maritime matters.”


Intra-group cooperation

Our core business consists of arranging the entire logistical process required to transport freight from A to B, or freighting for short. However, it is important for our customers to know that we have a lot more to offer. After all, it is easier to coordinate with a single company than with five different ones. The various service providers that make up the Vertom Group all have the same interests and work together closely, translating to clear advantages in the port, for instance. When the crew of a shipping company’s own ship handles a port call with its own shipping agent, greater efficiency is guaranteed, speeding up the turnaround time. You are working with each other, rather than against each other.

If you have any questions about any of Vertom Group’s services, we are more than happy to help. You can reach us by phone (+31 (0)10 285 85 85), e-mail ( or via our contact form. Our 250 maritime professionals are at your service 24/7.