Vertom Group has a vision to be synonymous with professionalism and innovation together with faultless and safe project delivery within our business disciplines.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is an integral part of Vertom Group’s business principles and our quality management system valued as a true benefit fully embedded in the organization.

Vertom is certified for ISO 9001:2015 and furthermore assessed by third parties on Anti-Bribery, Money Laundering and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Anti-Bribery, Corruption & Fraud

Vertom mandates appropriate due diligence on all parties, and the application of suitable contractual terms and governance to reduce the risk of bribery, corruption or fraud. Our Anti-bribery, Fraud & Corruption policy sets out a single standard that all employees must comply with, regardless of whether local law or practices might permit something to the contrary. This policy is an integral part of our Code of Good Conduct & Ethics.

Vertom’s due diligence has been pre-vetted and certified by TRACE’s Third Party Management System and registered under TRAC registration no. 4-18-785-6211-27 under Vertom UCS Holding B.V. 

Code of Good Conduct & Ethics

In all circumstances, each member of our staff must act in the Group’s interest, inspired by loyalty in its respect and with care to contribute to the harmony of the society. Our managers have a responsibility to lead by example. Managers must be positive role models to inspire others to follow our Code and to conduct business according to the highest standards of ethics and professional behaviour.

It is one of Vertom’s principles that it will not discriminate on any grounds in working relations, and in particular, it will recruit its staff based on their own abilities and will treat each person with dignity and with complete respect for their privacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an important key value for the Vertom Group. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become one of the mainstream issues for sustainable corporate performance. Engagement in CSR activities has proven to have certain benefits for companies, ranging from well-being of our stakeholders to operational performance to our shareholders’ satisfaction. Vertom is compliant with the principles of the Corporate Social Responsibility into their business and management system

Vertom’s Corporate social responsibility has been assessed by EcoVadis and awarded with a Silver Medal in recognition of CRS achievement.

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