Cable Recovery

As one of the larger players on the international market, Vertom wants to fulfill an exemplary role recovering redundant telecommunications cables from the seabed and recycling them.

Vertom recognizes the environmental importance of recycling undersea telecommunication cables. We are therefore collaborating with Subsea Environmental Services (SES), a privately-owned marine environmental services company based in New York City. SES was founded on the principal of responsibly recovering and recycling Out-Of-Service (OOS) submarine telecommunications cables and in the process providing an opportunity for the marine environment to return to a more natural state.

We endorse the corporate mission and vision of SES. They emphasis that the conversion of OOS submarine telecommunications cables into high quality, recycled materials is both a viable commercial proposition as well as an environmental imperative. Their mission is to responsibly and economically recover redundant cable systems from the seabed and re-introduce their constituent materials back into the global value chain.

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