If you are searching for the right agent to handle you portcall, we offer professional representation in all major european ports.

Strong position in maritime industry

With its origins in Dutch and Belgian seaports, Vertom Agencies acts as a shipping agent for ship-owners and charterers. We ensure vessels can enter and leave ports smoothly. Our agents assist you with clearance, the complete administration and formalities with port authorities. Vertom Agencies is your liaison partner between all relevant parties in the port, from service (port) providers, customs and port authorities up to maritime pilots. We also offer hub agency services to relieve clients of the administrative burden while exploiting our framework agreements with subcontractors.

Reliable partner in European ports

Our team is aware of the ins and outs of all port disciplines and offers clients a fast vessel turn- around, combined with quick and accurate account settlements. We recognize the importance of first-class operational performance. Therefore, Vertom Agencies invests continuously in strengthening and optimizing its services and in innovation to respond to the needs of its clients. Through this mix of expertise and experience, we are a reliable partner in all European ports.

Innovative focus

In our industry, digitization plays a major role. Extensive data is unlocked for clients and partners through mobile devices or online platforms. To facilitate shipping, ship-owners need detailed information about depth, arrival and departure times. Vertom Agencies follows the latest technological developments and is continuously looking for opportunities to enhance the benefit of its services.

International network

Vertom Agencies runs an international network of offices and partnerships, to support clients in all parts of the world.

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