Are you looking for the right agent to handle your portcall? Vertom offers professional representation in all major European ports

With its origins in Dutch and Belgian seaports, Vertom Agencies act as shipagents for numerous shipowners and charterers. We provide high level service across a wide range of vessel types and industries. Offering an expert service is knowing the industry we serve. As shipowners and charterers ourselves, we understand the requirements of each vessel, its crew and cargo, as well as the requirements of the owners, charterers, inspectors and customs. Vertom Agencies has all the aspects of port services covered.

Our team is highly experienced in every aspect of Port Agency disciplines, offering our customers fast vessel turnaround, combined with quick and accurate account settlements. We recognize the importance of first-class operational performance. Vertom Agencies consistently strives for excellence by proving our services with proficiency, innovation and understanding in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Through its unique mix of expertise, dependability and experience, Vertom Agencies has positioned itself as the concierge of the sea in all European ports and is committed to our stakeholders.

Vertom Application

In a changing world where digitization plays a major role, we recognize the importance to focusing on technological developments that can have an impact on our services. Vertom is therefore constantly looking for opportunities to optimize and/or increase the added value of our services to our customers. This is emphasized by the newly developed Vertom application, in which we give the customers of Vertom Agencies the possibility to permanently follow the status of a portcall. We anticipate that in the summer of 2020 this new Vertom application will become available.
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