Dry Chartering

Shipping is the main activity of vertom. Over 45 years, we have been active in the international shipping industry and are able to transport a large variety of (raw) materials.

Our fleet comprises numerous ships, which enables us to safeguard a quick and reliable delivery of big and small cargo. We transport goods and materials, such as steel, grain, fertilizer and project cargo. We always have a suitable vessel meeting your criteria at a competitive rate.

A reliable player in international shipping

As your logistical partner, Vertom supports you with tailor-made solutions for all your logistic issues, whether it concerns the transport of loading or unloading your cargo. Delivering on your specific needs and maintaining the highest quality is our highest priority. We can build on a solid worldwide network and a leading position in the international shipping industry. Our vessels transport over nine million tons of (raw) materials on an annual basis. We operate a modern fleet and based on a huge range in size and tonnage (1,500 to 10,000 DWAT) we are able to transport almost any cargo.

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