Tanker Chartering

If you want to transport your liquid bulk cargo…

Vertom Tanker Chartering offers innovative and efficient solutions for all your logistic needs for the transport of liquid cargo in bulk worldwide. Our professionals would be more than pleased to assist when it comes to the transport of mineral products, chemicals, edible oils, biodiesel, and molasses, either by deep-sea tankers, coastal tankers or inland tank barges.

Our team of brokers accumulates over 100 years of combined experience gathered from Charterers as well as Owners’ background. As such, we are in a position to offer our customers a service that is customized to their needs. Our dedicated staff will bring you the solution you need, anytime, anywhere.

Obviously and without any question, “fix and forget” does not exist in our books. A to Z follow-up will be given around the clock, more a habit to service than anything else.