Tanker Chartering

Do you have any liquids you would like to ship? Vertom offers customized creative logistical solutions.

In 1991, Vertom acquired the liquid business of a Dutch chemical producer, 2 experienced shipbrokers were hired for that and thereby Vertom Tanker Chartering BV was created. Other producers and traders followed and Vertom Tanker Chartering expanded to 4 shipbrokers over the years.

Our expertise is to arrange the shipments of chemicals, clean/dirty mineral products, vegetable, edible oils and biodiesel by deep sea tankers, coasters and inland tankbarges. We can also assist in the trucking and container business. Our work does not end by just fixing a transport modality. The follow-up is an even more important part of our role. We offer you full service whilst maintaining a good relationship with shipowners around the globe.

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Henk Mooij

Commercial Manager