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Order for twelve 5600 DWT vessels for Vertom at Chowgule India

14 februari 2024

On the sustainable road towards 2030 and 2050, it is important for Vertom to become more sustainable in the upcoming years. The aim is to start the transformation to decarbonizing the business activities for Vertom and their clients, with the renewal of the current fleet being part of this purpose. With this in mind, the short sea shipping company has ordered twelve Vertom 5600 DWT Diesel-Electric vessels at Chowgule. Construction of the first vessel has started, with sustainable cooperation until at least 2029. The steel cutting ceremony and keel laying for the first vessel have taken place in the first half of 2023.

Arjan de Jong, CEO of the Vertom Group: “We are excited for starting this project with Chowgule together with Vertom Shipping B.V. (formerly known as Shipping Company Groningen), who have an existing successful relation with the shipyard, which we gladly continue for the order of twelve 5600 DWT Diesel-Electric vessels. We appreciate the chance to deepen our partnership with Groot Ship Design who developed an exclusive custom-made design. Together we already have our experience with building the Vertom 7280 DWT vessels and are trusting the proven results of these vessels will carry on at Chowgule. We are interested to see the Vertom 5600 DWT series develop and start their journey. With a total of 24 new vessels between now and 2029, we believe these new generation of short sea coasters will play a significant role in our and our clients’ journey towards environmental responsibility.”

The 5600 DWT series and 7280 DWT series, that are respectively currently being built at Chowgule in India and Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in the Netherlands, share the same platform and makers list. The final designs for both series followed the philosophy of safety and durability. Designed to be safe, efficient and destined for worldwide operation. The 7280 DWT and 5600 DWT series will operate with the same diesel-electric power configuration, hull design, propulsion concept, accommodation and configuration of the ship’s systems. By sharing the same platform for both designs, Chowgule receives reliable information in advance, allowing an efficient building process. This approach ensures Vertom of future vessels having a high level of uniform equipment and execution.

Looking at the differences between the Vertom 7280 DWT and Vertom 5600 DWT design, Groot Ship Design managed to maintain an overall breadth of 14.3 meter for both designs. The length overall for the Vertom 5600 DWT design has been shortened from 118.6 meter to 99 meter. The gross tonnage is 3840 GT for the 5600 DWT series and 4766 GT for the 7280 DWT series. The 5600 DWT series will be equipped with engines according to IMO Tier III regulations. The Vertom 5600 DWT design contains one box-shaped dry cargo hold, fitted for bulk cargoes. The living quarters and workspaces are designed to be comfortable and spacious.

Groot Ship Design mentions they highly appreciate the cooperation with Vertom and both shipyards involved for the execution of these designs. The joint efforts resemble the company approach of ‘Co-Creation in Ship Design’, resulting in building a total of 24 vessels. With the Vertom vessels the industry shows its ability to set major steps forward towards a sustainable society in which shipping and transport have a significant position. Groot Ship Design is working together with the industry to allow owners like Vertom to prepare themselves for the future.

About Vertom

The Vertom Group, based in Rhoon (The Netherlands), is an experienced and reliable partner that focuses on professional maritime services and support related to sea transport. Vertom constantly monitors market developments and applies the latest technologies to respond to changing customer needs. The Vertom Group currently operates a modern fleet of over a hundred vessels with a loading capacity ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 DWT.

Over the past 45 years, the Vertom Group has built a strong track record in the Short Sea Shipping market. Their extensive international network enables them to provide tailor-made shipping solutions that meet the specific needs of their customers. Vertom offers solutions for all maritime services, with expertise in Shipping & Trading, Port Agencies & Freight Forwarding, Maritime Services, Tanker Chartering and Liner Services.

About Chowgule

From as early as 1960, as builders, operators, and repairers of large river fleets and with the experience and expertise to build a gamut of maritime vessels, ranging from ore-carrying barges, grab and suction dredgers and deep-sea fishing trawlers to tugs, pontoons, launches, hopper barges and coastal vessels, the yard has pioneered the construction of all types of ocean-going vessels up to 7000 DWT. Chowgule has constructed over 165 vessels for clients in India and Europe. Chowgule owns two shipyards in Goa and has recently acquired a big new shipyard in Mangalore (located in the southern part of India). This acquisition makes them scale up their capacity of number of vessels built in a year and vessels up to the size of 30,000 DWT.

About Groot Ship Design

Groot Ship Design is a design and engineering company with a hands-on mentality typical for the Dutch shipbuilding industry. With references in projects executed all over the world, Groot Ship Design has extensive experience in naval architecture and engineering. Working together with owners and shipyards on challenging projects is daily business for our naval architects and engineers.

Groot Ship Design has a portfolio of approximately 75 confirmed yard no’s.  At the same time projects for new vessels are under consideration. All the projects contain improvements or new technologies to allow our clients to prepare themselves for the future. Optimizing the hull and the propulsion, options for alternative fuels, incorporating wind and further optimizing intake are key issues in the new designs.