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Shipping Company Groningen joins forces with Vertom

18 december 2023

Shipping Company Groningen (SCG) is pleased to announce their collaboration with Vertom Group, bringing forth a series of transformative changes that will significantly shape their trajectory in the months ahead.

Integration of ship management activities SCG into Vertom Group

After years of successful collaboration and building trust, SCG and Vertom have decided to strengthen their market position by formally merging their ship management activities, paving the way for an alliance that benefits of shared expertise and resources.

New identity Vertom Bereederungs BV and SCG: Vertom Shipping BV

At the same time, Vertom Bereederungs BV, the Dutch division of Vertom Group currently located in Leek, will be rebranded as Vertom Shipping BV. This transition means that Shipping Company Groningen (SCG) will now operate under the umbrella of Vertom Shipping BV, strengthening the integration of both entities. This name change reflects on joint dedication to achieving excellence and fostering innovation within the maritime industry.

Relocation Vertom Shipping BV

During the first month of 2024, Vertom Shipping BV will move to a new office in Groningen:

Vertom Shipping BV
Johan van Zwedenlaan 1
9744 DX Groningen

This means that both the offices of Vertom Bereederungs BV in Leek and Shipping Company Groningen in Winschoten will move to a new office in Groningen. This collaboration and move will stimulate efficiency and development among the companies under the Vertom Group umbrella.

For further information, please contact:

Marijke van der Schaaf Willeke Ruijtenberg
Executive Secretary Vertom Shipping BV Marketing Manager Vertom Group
Phone: +31 (0)50 5887777 Phone: +31 10 2858 585
Email: info@shippinggroningen.nl Email: marketing@vertom.nl