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Sander Mikx, Captain of MV Proud

17 juni 2024

We had a conversation with one of our captains, Sander Mikx (44): “The best thing about this job is that I am home half of the year, which gives me a lot of freedom. It allows me to spend a lot of time with my family and to sail my own sailboat, Speedy II.”

One of the things Sander Mikx appreciates most about his position aboard Vertom’s vessels? “That would definitely be the responsibility I have and receive as the captain aboard the MV Proud. But the most enjoyable part on board remains maneuvering and docking myself.” The MV Proud, on which he has been sailing for several years now, has started to feel a bit like ‘his’ vessel.

Vertom Group

Sander’s career at Vertom started through the current Vertom Shipping BV, formerly Shipping Company Groningen (SCG), and before that Feederlines. He worked there for an impressive 21 years. During his time at SCG, he mainly sailed on ships owned by Vertom, with Vertom also being responsible for the cargoes. In 2022, Sander officially made the transition to Vertom. “Vertom feels like a family business where everyone is encouraged to further develop themselves. I appreciate the warm and familial atmosphere within the company and the informal interaction with colleagues,” Sander said.

Favorite trips

For Sander, his most memorable trip takes us back in time. As a captain, he experienced an adventure where he was away from home (Europe) for 8 weeks. “I was just starting as a captain at Vertom and had my very first long-distance journey to Paramaribo in Suriname. It was special to be able to speak Dutch, even though I was on the other side of the world!”

However, ports closer to home, such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam, are Sander’s favorites. As a father of three children, the trips become extra special when his family occasionally visits him on board. This way, he can make beautiful memories with his wife and children even while at work.

Future of shipping

Innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector are of great importance to Sander, especially for the future of his children. He is enthusiastic about the technical advancements in fuel efficiency on Vertom’s newbuild vessels. These vessels consume significantly less compared to ‘his’ MV Proud. Thanks to ongoing digitalization and changing regulations, Sander predicts opportunities for the future of captaincy. He foresees opportunities and innovations that will continue to drive the industry. Sander looks optimistically to the future, where growth and challenges go hand in hand.

Want to know more about Sander? He shares weekly videos of the places he visits on LinkedIn! Are you curious about the possibilities of working at Vertom? Check out our open positions on board of our vessels and discover how you can contribute to shaping the future of shipping.